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Application for Invitation Letter

  • Education Abroad will always require either an Invitation Letter or an Admission Letter. For Ukraine, only an Invitation Letter is required to apply for the visa.
  • The Invitation Letter is the main document. This letter has a shinning seal on top of it. It is directly from the Ministry of Education in Ukraine. The name of the Institution and the details of the student is either typed on it or written with a pen.
  • To apply for an invitation letter, you will need only a copy of your International Passport and Secondary School Result (S.S.C.E or N.E.C.O).
  • Finally please note that many agents around the world give students admission confirmation letters. There is nothing like an admission confirmation letter from Ukraine. Those letters are made up by agents and they are neither issued by the school nor any ministry. THE ONLY RECOGNIZED AND APPROVED DOCUMENT IS THE INVITATION FOR STUDY LETTER. Please contact us if you need us to help you confirm if you have a genuine letter or not. We can also help you get genuine letters.

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