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Disadvantages of Studying in Ukraine

There are quite a number of disadvantages in studying in Ukraine. We will not tell you the advantages without telling you the disadvantages.

  • The Admission process is not direct, hence you cannot deal directly with any school. You will always have to be through an agent. Don't be deceived, not all those websites you see on-line carrying the names of the Universities are the real University websites. Many of those supposed University websites are managed by Agents. BEWARE!!! Contact us for confirmation on any website.
  • The Embassy system is very unstable for intending nigerian students. Imagine having close to 10,000 intending Nigerian students applying to study in Ukraine and the Embassy are being instructed by the government not to give more than 800 visas? You are sure going to have thousands of refusals. We don't want to go into how much corruption has evolved at the Ukraine Embassy in Abuja lately, but all we can say is that you should give us a call and we will advice you very well. We will advice you for free. BE CAREFUL!!!
  • The payment of the school fee is always paid to an agent upon arrival in Ukraine and not directly into the school account. The agent collects the money, pays part to the school, gets the student accommodation, does registration on the students behalf and finally takes his own fee. Sometimes these agents don't pay for a full session for the students, they sometimes pay for a semester and leave the student to his/herself. Some wicked agents dont even make any payment (They just run away with the money). The sad thing about this is that the students will not be able to know these things while in school because of the language barrier. We can help with all these processes and make sure that the student's fees are paid. And also that the students are given a good accommodation. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Many of those agents don't care about you, they just care about their money.
  • Weather is very cold in Ukraine but students get to adapt after a while. After all, there are thousands of students already studying there and many of them have already adapted.

We advice that you contact us for clarity if you are unsure of what is going on per-time with your application or visa process. We will be glad to advice you for free.

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