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Transfer Students

Transferring from one University in Nigeria to another University in Ukraine has been very difficult and sometimes confusing to many intending Nigerian students because of the false information everywhere. The information you are about to read here should settle every confusion. You are also very free to ask us any more information.

Transferring has been possible only with Medical Students but not all Universities accept it. Many people from all over the world have ended up paying as much as 10,000 dollars to transfer to Medical Universities in Ukraine. For instance, if a student has completed 2 years of studying medicine and wants to cross to Ukraine, some Medical University Agents will tell the student to pay between 5,000 dollars and 10,000 dollars to get a placement them into any level they desire. If the student that has only 2 years of medical study and decides that he/she wants to continue from 4th year, they will do it. Even if the student wants to continue in 5th year, they will put the student in. One very funny thing is that just anybody can cross directly into some of these Medical Universities and into any level they desire (Even if you are not a medical student).

This is corruption and wickedness of its highest order and very unfair too. Very wicked and scary!! How are they able to pull this through? They will just arrange fake results for the student and patch it all the way.

Are you an intending medical transfer student? Please contact us so that you don't fall into wrong hands and that you don't end up in the wrong Universities. We can help you with adequate information.

Please note that we can guide you also to study in Countries like, Canada, Germany, Ghana, Spain, India, Poland, Ireland, United Kingdom, Dubai, Ukraine, Turkey, North Cyprus, South Cyprus, Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Russia, Romania, Malaysia, Jamaica, Hungary, Belarus etc.


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Goldenchips Can Assist you to Study in the Following Countries of the World;

Canada, Caribbean, Germany, Spain, India, Poland, Ireland, United Kingdom, United States, Dubai, Ukraine, Turkey, North Cyprus, South Cyprus, Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, Romania, Malaysia, Jamaica, Hungary, Belarus etcWhere exactly do you want to study?

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